Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Son, It 'Aint Right..."

Crap. "The Hobbit" is never getting made, the Mets were rained out and Iran hasn't nuked us yet. So... what, um, should I, you know... Oh, hell. Here goes:

I don't confuse international relations with politics. The former intrigues, the latter bores. Most often, it just sits quietly on my "things to think about" shelf, resting comfortably alongside sausage making and needlepoint. And sausage needlepoint. There are the rare times, however, when I positively delight in the nasty art of policy making. Like Rob Birch said, "You're dirty tricks, ya make me sick."

Well, it turns out someone's up to something wicked in the political Wonderland better known as South Carolina: a guy no one even knew was running just won the Democratic Senate primary. I'm at a loss to follow that up with anything coherent, so let's  move on.

Barack Obama was spotted in the "Whoomp! (There It is)" video?! Seriously, play close attention right at 0:59. It's Rock himself, clearly calling Yasser Arafat to work out the early details of his $400 million payment to Hamas.  As the freely elected ruling party in Gaza, to where but their bloody coffers will this money go?

Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is anyway. Dutch showed up around 0:18:092:445 in Anton Corbijn's seminal Depeche Mode video, "Enjoy The Silence" and nobody said a word.

Seriously, do you click on every single link here? If so, here's one more you for, mitra.

Hold on, I have another beep.

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