Monday, October 22, 2012

I Really Do Hate The Decision You've Made

Hate is a strong word, isn't it? I initially cringed. I'm no ogre, no hate monger. I aim to go through life like the most unremarkable of streams: avert a stone here, a dam there, and sustain whatever I can along the way. No Mississippi or Nile, simply content to flow quietly amidst another gathering of trees until whatever sea awaits.

But the truth be told, I really do hate the decision you've made. You're not letting me flow, per se. You see, a man who campaigned on transparency and change wants to lock me away in an undisclosed location for however long he likes, without charges, representation or due process. It's called the NDAA, in the land hewn by Jefferson's quill and Hancock's defiance, no less. That you would be so ignorant and star-struck as to let him further prune the Tree of Liberty is nothing short of abhorrent. Nay, seditious.

Meanwhile, you feted him as the trigger man, but didn't say a word when the actual operators were coincidentally killed. You glom onto Big Bird and binders. You're selectively indignant over a politician's photo-op, you're beside yourselves over Michelle Obama's dress, but there's nary a peep over Dark Ages-style tyranny. To paraphrase Ridley Scott, please stop acting like such @#$% ingenues. Insa to you for conveniently looking the other way as an overlord targeted Americans via a secret kill list based entirely on whim. Are you on it? How would you even know? Oh, wait - OMFG didja see Steny Hoyer's suit?!

The aforementioned 18th century names are not  just random text to me, by the way. I wondered long and hard about the roots of my distaste. Brothers waited barefoot and bloodied at Morristown. They took King George's tea tax and threw it in the river, they tore down his statue and melted it into musket balls. Now what? I'm to attend more funerals than raisings and comment blithely? Stay mum and lay low while the land Bro. Revere dared to alert burns? No. Hell no. The Green Dragon Tavern still stands, and with it the timeless ethos of American liberty.

You can take your fiat empire and shove it. You do not have the right to turn my key. When did I or anyone else consent to 30,000 drones over U.S. soil? You do not dictate to someone free how you'll deign to govern, they will tell you how you'll serve. I am only one free man and I can't change the world, but I can change the facts. And when I change the facts, I change points of view. When I change points of view, I can change a vote, and when I change a vote, I may change the world.

The gloves are off. Who gets backed into a corner and doesn't bare their teeth? If not for me, then for the Republic my sons should inherit.

Lest anyone think this entry an RNC talking point, rest assured their representative should be fitted for an equal amount of tar and feathers.

If the quintessential American value is "extreme", as Obama has pointed out, then so be it. I know of no gloaming between liberty and tyranny -  there is only liberty or death.